Lyonnaise Salad redux

After working on the Bastille Day salad (Salad Lyonnaise, July 13th) I wasn’t extremely satisfied with the final product. It didn’t flow very well and seemed a little “contrived” somehow.
This iteration pays a little more respect to it’s roots in traditional French cuisine by placing the salad and egg in a crouton ring. We also ended up with some outstanding heirloom grape tomatoes from Fisher Farms that I included. To help tie the tomatoes to the salad I used an herb puree that was the brain child of one of our Sous Chefs, Lauren Roeder. She had the brilliant idea of blending fresh herbs with Sprite (yes, the soft drink), then thickening with xanthum gum slightly so it could be brushed on the plate. The result looked and tasted great.
In the end I’m happier with this iteration of the dish than the last, but every dish is constantly evolving.
For a recap of the first dish and details of preparation click here.

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