Prime CAB Filet Mignon with Lobster Mashed Potatoes

This was a nice, fairly simple dish that was very popular when I did it last week. It’s broiled Prime CAB filet mignon with summer vegetables and lobster mashed potatoes.

The filet mignon is exceptional, but the lobster whips are the star on this plate. Unfortunately they are fairly hidden on the dish and in the picture, but the flavor and color is powerful and unexpected. To give the potatoes their flavor and color we use what we call “lobster butter”. When we are cleaning lobsters we reserve the roe, and then puree it with whole butter. The resulting compound butter is light green, but turns bright orange when heated. Simply fold it in to the milled potatoes instead of regular whole butter to achieve that color and flavor. I also finish the potatoes with a little chopped claw and knuckle meat.

Lobster butter works equally well when making lobster risotto. Just prepare your risotto as you normally would, deglazing twice with chicken stock while stirring frequently, then finish with lobster butter and a squeeze of lemon. Many people use lobster stock, which will give you great flavor but unfortunately the color usually comes out a kind of rust brown rather than the bright reddish-orange that you usually associate with lobster.

Garnishing the plate is a red wine reduction and one of my favorites of the “micro” line-up, pea tendrils. Pea tendrils are the early growth of snow peas or snap peas and are frequently used in Asian cuisine. If I were serving these hot then I would treat them just like spinach, sautéing lightly, seasoning and dabbing on a dry cloth. Served raw, they have a very clean and fresh flavor. We procured these from Kate at Lucky Leaf Garden. They look great and, more importantly, they taste phenomenal.

As an aside, this was a cool article that I read about a farmer that raises her own chickens on Cape Cod…she fed the chickens lobster and the egg yolks from the chickens became bright red! As they say, you are what you eat…

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