Dover Sole Paupiette with Avocado Cream

This is a variation of a preparation called “Paupiette”; a thin slice of fish that is stuffed, rolled and bound before being poached in stock.

For this dish I used filets of Dover Sole, then stuffed them with lobster knuckle and claw meat. The lobster meat was chopped, sprinkled with cracker meal for a binder, and then tossed with a mayonnaise based dressing for flavor and moisture.

A paupiette of sole and lobster has a nice delicate flavor, but it can be boring to eat. To add some texture (a lot of texture), the paupiettes were dipped in egg wash then tossed with a chiffonade of collard greens and kataifi in a preparation inspired by Michel Richard.

The sauce for this was an avocado cream, and tomato concasse as a garnish lended some color to the monotone dish.

Paired with a California Chardonnay, this dish was as fun to eat as it was tasty.

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