Baby Beet and Blood Orange Salad with Candied Walnut, Spiced Pumpkin Cracker

This was a nice, light seasonal salad featuring some great Fall flavors and some fun textures. On this plate is Tega Hills greens tossed with a red wine and roasted apple vinaigrette, blood orange gelatin, local baby beet, candied walnut and a spiced pumpkin tuile.

Gelatin is a throw-back that seems to be coming back into fashion. The secret to putting gelatin on the plate is that it’s all about the ratio that you use. Too much gelatin to liquid and it becomes a tough, unappetizing addition. If you get it just right then it’s little more than a bound sauce.

For glazing items I typically use ten ounces of gelatin to a gallon of liquid. For a bound sauce like this one, I use six ounces of gelatin to a gallon, pour it into a flat sheet tray and freeze it before cutting. After it thaws on the plate it becomes very delicate and melts on your palate.

It’s a nice way to introduce interesting color and designs on cold plates.

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