Strawberry Sorbet with Olive Oil Powder

This was a photograph that I took of an intermezzo for one of our dinners by pastry chef Rebecca McLean.  It is Strawberry Sorbet with Olive Oil Powder.  Producing powders from fats was described briefly in a previous post, seen here.
Intermezzo has become one of my favorite courses and it is usually seen in a five-course menu or larger.  Traditionally it follows a seafood course and is meant as a palate cleanser before heading into the entrée.   I enjoy it because they are usually very light and fresh, providing a nice contrast with the other courses of the meal.  Also they are usually gone in a couple bites and are still at the front of your mind when the entrée arrives.
Intermezzos are typically a little tart or bitter with a clean finish.  I think lemon sorbet is probably the most ubiquitous intermezzo and is the perfect example of this flavor profile.

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