Smoked Salad of Duck, Pistachio, Beet and Microgreens with White Balsamic and Pear Vinaigrette Foam

This was a very different kind of salad, inspired by a course that Chef David Quintana from Kobe’s Kreations made for a pop-up dinner at the Atherton Mill and Market here in Charlotte.

The salad consists of hot smoked duck ham, ground pistachio, beet powder, various microgreens including Lucky Leaf amaranth and micro beet and a white balsamic and pear foam. Everything was packed into a Weck canning jar, smoked and then sealed until opened by our guests at the table. The smoke wafted out after opening and the salad had a great smoky flavor.

I like Weck jars as opposed to others because of the quality…they are just heavier and more sturdy than anything else. I actually dropped one jar in the kitchen without it breaking!

Weck has been around for over a hundred years and helped proliferate the canning movement that was so popular by the time I watched my grandmother can summer vegetables in her kitchen.

To apply the smoke I used the newly redesigned Smoking Gun from Polyscience. The smoking gun is available for about $100 and comes with a couple samples of wood chips including hickory and apple wood (used for this salad). The new design of the gun is far superior to the previous iteration, which had a wooden reservoir for the chips that eventually would deteriorate. The screens are also much easier to access and clean on this model.

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