Prime CAB New York Strip, Saint Andres Triple Cream Potatoes, Hearty Ragout of Winter Vegetables and Braised Beef

In the middle of winter it’s nice to sit down comfort food like this every once in a while.  For this dish I used Prime CAB New York Strip that was prepared sous vide, triple cream brie mashed potatoes and a hearty ragout of asparagus, mushrooms, pearl onions and the trim from the strip loin.

The New York Strip was portioned, then placed in cryovac with whole butter, kosher salt, freshly ground toasted black  pepper, crushed garlic, sliced shallot, fresh thyme and rosemary.  The steaks were cooked at 125 degrees for thirty minutes and then chilled in an ice bath.  To serve, the steaks were re-heated in a cast iron skillet in a 1600 degree broiler to give them a nice crust.  They rested for several minutes after coming out of the broiler before slicing so the juices could re-distribute.  The strip was then sliced and finished with coarse ground sea salt.

The ragout was made by caramelizing pearl onions in clarified butter, then removing them from the pan.  The mushrooms were then sauteed on high heat.  Both are seasoned individually while cooking.  The onions were then added back to the pan with the mushrooms, along with the cooked, diced and chilled braised beef.  Everything was sauteed briefly before the pan was deglazed with sherry.  Once the sherry reduced almost completely, the pan was again deglazed with fortified veal stock and was allowed to reduce by half.  The sauce should reduce far enough to thicken to the point that it can suspend fat.  Once the sauce was thickened, the asparagus was added and allowed to heat through before the ragout was finished with a touch of heavy cream and several drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  It was then seasoned to taste again with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

The potatoes were made by folding St. Andres triple cream brie to warm, freshly riced russet potatoes.  The triple cream cream adds an incredible buttery flavor and the rind adds a slight tartness that is needed to cut through the richness of the dish.

The plate is finished with Lucky Leaf Garden’s deli mix, a blend of micro broccoli and mustard greens whose flavor together resembles fresh horseradish.

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