CAB Prime Beef Carpaccio with Petit Greens, Truffle-Sherry Vinaigrette, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Potato Crisp

Sometimes a piece of beef is so well marbled that you just don’t want to cook it… That was the case with the CAB Prime beef tenderloin that came in from Southern Foods.

Rather than cook it, it was wrapped into a cylinder then frozen over night.  The next morning it was unwrapped, then seared quickly in a cast iron skillet in the 1600 degree broiler.  It was then sliced thinly on the meat slicer and trimmed.  The beef was arranged on the plate and finished with coarse sea salt, freshly ground and toasted black pepper, sliced chives and several dots of roasted garlic aioli.

The greens came from Kate at Lucky Leaf Gardens near Charlotte.  They were tossed lightly with a truffle and sherry vinegar dressing.

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