Potato Crusted Sea Bass with Easter Egg Radishes, Lemon-Chive Butter Sauce

For this dish I prepared the sea bass sous vide, cooking it against a plexiglass backing in the bag to preserve the shape.  The sea bass cooked at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty minutes, then it was shocked in an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

When I butchered the sea bass I reserved the scrap, which was combined with fresh shallots, heavy whipping cream, kosher salt and freshly ground white pepper in an ice cold blender to create a mousse line.  The mousseline was spread then thinly over the top of the lightly cooked and chilled fish.

For the potato “crust”, Idaho potatoes were sliced very thinly and then rounds were punched out.  I blanched the rounds quickly, let them cool down in the refrigeratory, then pressed them into the mousseline on the fish.

For service, the fish was pan seared until a nice golden crust formed, then it was placed in a 350 degree oven very quickly just to warm through.

The “Easter Egg” were given their name for obvious reasons.  These radishes were cooked sous vide at 180 degrees for 45 minutes and were bagged with butter, shallots, fresh thyme, kosher salt and freshly ground white pepper.

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