Hickory Smoked CAB Prime New York Strip, Compressed Potato, Early Fall Vegetables with Carrot-Coriander Puree

This CAB Prime New York Strip was prepared the same way as the beef tenderloin in the previous post, with a coriander cure, hickory cold smoke and a long and low sous vide process.

The compressed potato came out beautiful and flavorful, and it was easily the fastest and least labor-intensive component on this dish.

For the compressed potato I began by dicing Idaho potato, purple Peruvian potato and sweet potato.  The different varieties are boiled separately until just done, then placed in refrigeration until they are cool to the touch.  I combined all the varieties of potato and mashed by hand, making sure to leave plenty of texture.

The mixture is then placed in a cryovac bag and compressed, then the potatoes are rolled completely flat in the bag using a rolling pin.  The uniformly flat pouch of potato is then placed in refrigeration for several hours.

Once the pouch of potato cake has completely cooled, the pouch can be opened by cutting all sides of the pouch with kitchen shears, and gently removing the plastic from the potatoes.  Any shape can be cut out of this potato sheet, and the potatoes can be re-heated by baking or sautéing.

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