Hickory Smoked New York Strip, Late Summer Succotash, Fava Puree, Herbed Potato Puree, Chimichurri


Succotash is a dish that is commonly seen in the American Southeast, and was first prepared by the Native Americans indigenous to those woodlands.  The term itself refers to any variety of preparations utilizing corn and shell beans(usually fava beans).

This preparation featured local Silver Queen corn, which is pale, tender and extremely sweet.  The corn was paired with fresh fava beans, diced Peppadew peppers and pickled mushrooms to add some acidity to balance the sweetness of the corn and rich flavor of the fava bean puree.

The New York strip that was used for this preparation was cooked sous vide at 137 degrees Fahrenheit for two and a half hours, with a salt, pepper, garlic powder and rosemary rub.  It was then chilled and cold-smoked with hickory before being seared at 1600 degrees for service.

The New York strip is topped with chimichurri, which is an Argentinian condiment prepared with oil, garlic, parsley, and vinegar.  The origins of the term “chimichurri” are nebulous, but some think that the term originated when Argentinian prisoners asked their British captors to “che mi curry”, or “hey, give me condiment”.  Which sounds about right given the historically bland nature of British cuisine.


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