CBD Infused Herb Crumble

As a professional chef who competes internationally, I take my physical and mental well-being seriously and Nature’s Highway CBD products have become a vital part of my overall wellness plan.  I appreciate the calming effects of CBD, as well as the partial relief of chronic pain and the improved digestion that I experience when I use Nature’s Highway CBD regularly.

I became such a big fan of the product that I have begun exploring ways to incorporate Nature’s Highway into my cuisine so that others may enjoy the prolonged benefits of CBD even after the immediate enjoyment of dining. 

As with most of the products which I use, I like to visit the farms where they are produced.  I took a trip down to Neeces, South Carolina, to visit the sprawling 400-acre farm at Carolina CannaTech and meet the professionals who grow the hemp used for Nature’s Highway CBD, and to learn about the technology which they use to extract CBD from the plants. 

I was blown away by the laboratory-like facilities, the knowledge and professionalism of the team, and to see how vertically integrated their operation is.  I was already a fan of their product when I arrived at the farm and I was even more of a fan by the time I departed.

For my first recipe utilizing Nature’s Highway product, I used CBD infused cooking oil to create a flavorful and bright “herbed crumble”.  In this instance I utilized the herbed crumble for a salmon mi-cuit, but it could used for a wide variety of dishes to include vegetables, seafood, poultry, pork or beef. 

In order to preserve the color and integrity of the crumble, it is best to apply the crumble just before plating, after the cooking process has finished.  Prolonged exposure to heat would degrade the color and flavor over time.  Proteins can be brushed with any kind of sauce prior to application of the crumble in order to promote adhesion, as well as to add moisture and flavor to the preparation. 

RECIPE NAME:    CBD Infused Herb Crumble


Product                                   Amount                            Unit                                   Preparation

Flat Leaf Parsley1OuncePicked
CBQ Oil16Ounces 
Panko Crumbs2CupsLightly Toasted
Dehydrated Lemon Zest1Tbsp 


  1. In a wide stock pot melt your CBD oil and bring to a temperature of 325°
  2. In batches, fry your picked herbs until the herbs have lost their moisture and begin to crisp. And place in a lined pan to catch residual oil
  3. Combine fried herbs, panko and zest into a food processer and blend thoroughly.
  4. Season lightly with sea salt and place in airtight container.

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