Hog Nose Snapper with Brioche Crust, Prosciutto Inlay

Hog Nose Snapper is known by several different names…Hogfish, Hog-Nosed Snapper, Hog Snapper. Whatever you call it, it is an outstanding fresh-water fish.
Hog Nose Snappers are found in tropical-temperature waters, usually trolling for shellfish around shipwrecks and coral. The meat is bright white, tender and has a very mild flavor. This snapper was spear-fished and brought in by Tim Griner, owner of Charlotte Fish Company. Tim heads out to the eastern coast of North Carolina a couple times a week and brings back exceptional Red Grouper, Mahi and the occasional Hog Nose Snapper among other items.
For this preparation the snapper was filleted and skinned, then the filets were bonded back together using Activa with a thin layer of prosciutto between them. The bonded filets were then placed in cryovac and refrigerated overnight to allow them to fully bond.
After the filets were bonded together, it was cooked sous vide at sixty degrees Celcius for fourteen minutes. It was then moved to an ice bath to chill completely before opening and portioning with a very sharp slicer.
The scrap from the snapper was used to make a mousseline with heavy cream, kosher salt, white pepper and minced shallot. The mousseline was spread over the top of the fish, then a crust of pressed brioche was added to give it some crunch and color. It was reheated gently in a sauté pan before plating.
Accompanying the snapper is a late summer succotash consisting of corn, black eyed peas, sungold cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.
A gastrique and Lucky Leaf Garden’s pea shoots finish the dish.

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