Vanilla Cured Foie Gras Torchon and Cherry Preserve en Brioche, Cherry and Bourbon Gastrique, Pistachio Powder

Last week when the vanilla cured foie torchon was used for the Roasted Apple and Butternut Soup, some was reserved for this preparation.

For this preparation a loaf of brioche was thinly sliced, then the strips were sauteed to soften and brown them.  The strips were then laid out side-by-side on a sheet of plastic film before being topped with the cherry preserve.  The torchon is then placed on top and rolled tightly to form a cylinder.  A needle was used to prick the plastic and remove any air pockets.  Both ends were then tied tightly and it was left refrigerated over night.

The torchon was sliced very thinly for service and accompanied by pickled cherries and Lucky Leaf Garden microgreens, cherry and bourbon gastrique and pistachio powder.

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