Shrimp Terrine with Horseradish Panna Cotta, Spicy Tomato Gelee, Candied Lemon Zest, Micro Basil

This dish was another variation of Shrimp Cocktail, with the horseradish panna cotta and spicy tomato gelee acting as a kind of deconstructed cocktail sauce.

The shrimp terrine was made by blending shrimp with sherry, heavy whipping cream and shallot, seasoning with kosher salt and freshly ground white pepper.  The shrimp mousseline was rolled into cylinders in plastic wrap, then a needle was used to poke out any air bubbles.  After wrapping one more time in plastic wrap it was cooked in the immersion circulator at 145 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour.  The terrine was then cooled in an ice bath before slicing.

The most difficult or technical aspect of producing this dish was making the wrap for the terrine.  It was made using a pastry relief mat on a flat sheet tray..  The tomato gelee was poured first, then allowed to set in the cooler.  The horseradish panna cotta was then poured over the gelee and allowed to set up.  The wrap was then turned out of the sheet tray, onto a cutting board.  The easiest way to measure how much of the wrap will be needed for the terrine is to wrap the terrine in a sheet of paper, wrapping it once then slicing off the excess.  The paper that was used to wrap the terrine can then be used as a template for the gelatin wrap.

To apply the wrap, place it on plastic wrap, presentation side down.  Warm the terrine very gently using a water bath or torch, then place it on the wrap and use the plastic wrap to roll the gelatin around the terrine.  The warm terrine should slightly melt the gelatin, allowing it to bond once cooled.

Slice the terrine while still wrapped in plastic to help maintain the shape, then remove the ring of plastic wrap on the outside of the slice before serving.

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