Contemporary Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad dates back to the 1920’s when restauranteur Caesar Cardini faced a dinner rush that wiped out all of his mise en place.  The resourceful Mr. Cardini hobbled together some coddled eggs, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and whole leaves of romaine lettuce.  For added flair, Mr. Cardini prepared the dressing table side, tossed the leaves, and presented a salad to be eaten with the fingers.

For this presentation Texas toast is used to make a ring to bind the leaves of romaine.  The ring is brushed with roasted garlic oil and seasoned with salt and pepper before toasting in the oven.  Leaves of romaine are layered end to tip and wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.  The wrapped romaine is sliced in four inch lengths and placed upright in the ring before the plastic wrap is removed.  Caesar dressing can be either tossed with the leaves before wrapping or drizzled over the leaves after they are in the crouton.

A Parmesan crisp tops the salad with a garnish of white anchovy, grape tomatoes and Lucky Leaf Gardens micro greens.

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