Foie Gras Terrine with Brioche Puree, Compressed Apple Butter, Spiced Walnut, Black Truffle

This was a course prepared for a Chefs Table in the kitchen last night that was a lot of fun to eat.  It is a terrine of foie gras served with compressed apple butter, apple-cognac gastrique, brioche puree, spiced walnuts, black truffle and field mache.

The terrine was prepared by separating and deveining a lobe of foie gras.  After breaking it into chunks, it was lightly seasoned with kosher salt and tossed with a splash of brandy.  The foie gras was placed in a cryovac bag, then cooked at 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the immersion circulator for about twenty minutes.  The bag was then opened and the contents placed in a PacoJet cannister and frozen overnight.  The foie gras was then spun twice the next morning in the PacoJet, releasing the pressure in the cannister during the process to prevent excess overrun.  The foie gras comes out of the cannister completely smooth after spinning twice, then the foie gras is placed in cryovac once more to remove any air and compress the mixture.

The apple butter was made by cooking granny smith apples sous vide with dark brown sugar, cardamom, ginger, allspice, cinnamon and clove.  The apples were cooked at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty four hours.  The apples were then blended thoroughly and the mixture was cooked down in a thick-bottomed sauce pan over medium-low heat while constantly stirring to cook out excess moisture and thicken.  Gelatin was added to stabilize the final product, in a ratio of six ounces of gelatin to one gallon of puree.  The mixture was then placed in cryovac to remove excess air and allowed to sit overnight in the cooler to firm up before slicing with a warm knife.

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