Potato Gnocchi with Duck Confit, Spring Vegetables

This dish was a saute of duck confit, potato gnocchi and fresh spring vegetables, served with shaved Parmesan-Reggiano, a medley of Italian micro greens and a red wine reduction.

For this dish I began by sauteing mushrooms and fresh pearl onions in clarified butter and seasoning with kosher salt and  toasted freshly ground black pepper.  The mushrooms were sauteed until they were caramelized.  The pan was deglazed with sherry and was allowed to reduce until almost dry.  The pan was deglazed again with veal stock and the duck confit was added as the stock was reducing, along with minced shallot and garlic.

Once the liquid was almost fully reduced, grape tomatoes and blanched asparagus were added to  the fricasee for just long  enough to heat through.  Kosher salt and toasted, freshly ground black pepper were used to season again at the end. 

Parmesan-Reggiano was grated over the preparation after plating and it was finished with fresh Italian micro greens from Lucky Leaf Gardens which included chervil, green and purple basil and fennel.
The red wine reduction was prepared by making caramel in a separate pan with granulated white sugar and a couple drops of lemon juice, then deglazing with red wine and reducing to the desired consistency.

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