Duo of Shrimp with Horseradish Panna Cotta, Spicy Tomato Gastrique, Savory Cracker, Micro Greens

This dish was a duo of shrimp, with one preparation traditionally poached and the other preparation of shrimp compressed and prepared sous vide.

For the poached shrimp I used 21/25 tail off black tiger shrimp, with a poaching liquid of water, lemon juice, white wine and Old Bay seasoning.  Bring the water just barely to a simmer, when wisps of steam begin rising from the top.  If the water is too warm then the shrimp can easily overcook, becoming tough and unpalatable.

Once the shrimp are dropped in, wait for them to curl and for the flesh to transform from translucent to opaque.  To stop the cooking process I place the shrimp in refrigeration, uncovered.  I find that placing them into an ice bath to stop the cooking process washes away the flavorful seasoning of the court bouillion.

For the second preparation of shrimp I chopped the shrimp finely before tossing it with a slurry of Activa RM.  I added minced shallot, kosher salt, freshly ground white pepper and finely minced lemon zest.  The mixture was then placed in cryovac to compress the shrimp and remove any excess air.  After packaging in cryovac I used a heavy rolling pin to achieve a consistent thickness, then allowed the packaged shrimp to sit in refrigeration for five hours to allow the Activa to bind the proteins.

After the packaged shrimp came out of refrigeration it was cooked sous vide at 130 degrees for thirty minutes, then immersed in an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

5 thoughts on “Duo of Shrimp with Horseradish Panna Cotta, Spicy Tomato Gastrique, Savory Cracker, Micro Greens

  1. This recipe looks wonderful. Can you tell us how you made the horseradish panna cotta? Thanks!

  2. It's pretty easy to pull together. I steep shaved fresh horseradish and a little minced shallot in heavy cream over very low heat until the cream takes on the desired flavor. Season to taste with kosher salt. I add ten ounces (by weight) of gelatin for every gallon of cream. I poured the cream over a pastry relief mat to create the design, then used a little cream with gelatin that I'd reserved to bond it to the pressed shrimp. Just heat it in a double boiler, brush it onto the pressed shrimp and apply the cooled Panna cotta, then slice with a warm, sharp slicer into the desired shape. Best of luck, let me know if you have any questions!

  3. What a beautiful dish. Is Activa RM the stuff that chefs call “meat glue”? I heard it is difficult to find in manageable quantities. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  4. Dianne, thank you. Activa is unfortunately called “meat glue” by some, which I think is a pretty unappealing description. I purchase Activa through one of our meat vendors, Buckhead Beef out of Atlanta. I think if you asked your local butcher they might be able to procure it for you or you could take a look online as well. Good luck!

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