Grilled Oysters with Apple-IPA Mignonette

Grilled oysters are a dish that is widely enjoyed here in the Piedmont region in Autumn.  For this preparation, Blue Point oysters were cleaned thoroughly in cold water with a brush before shucking.  The oysters were then flashed in a 1600 degree oven just until they began to firm up.
The mignonette was prepared with a Highlands Brewery Kashmir IPA.  Their India Pale Ale is brewed in Asheville, North Carolina, and is moderately malty with a great hop-forward flavor that is characteristic of the brew.  Minced shallot and freshly ground black pepper were steeped with the ale before letting it chill and adding a brunoise of fresh green apple.
The oysters were served on a bed of rock salt with aromatics, and garnished with micro chard and amaranth from Lucky Leaf Gardens in Harrisburg, North Carolina.


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